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Cotton candy skies šŸ˜

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Gotta love date nights ā¤

Gotta love date nights ā¤ @viercafebaguio 3.3.18
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Little Habits/Things To Do More Of. Wrote this on my bullet journal and I also made a copy posted on my cork board in my room so I can always be reminded of the things listed. This can serve as an inspiration for others to list some things that they would like to do more. šŸ˜„ You can check the original post here: *I changed/omitted some of the items on the list.
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It has since been fourteen days since I left my job in Pampanga. Fourteen days of scrimping the money I have left because basically I’m unemployed (and trying to live of off my parents, once again. Ba-dum, tss.)

For most of these fourteen days, however, I kept myself busy.

I have cleaned my room — completely. And got rid of 10+ years of junk.

I am learning how to bake.


I even dared climb a mountain (in my unfit state, thankfully I survived)!


I continued most of my hobbies which I have rather forgotten when I was employed. I even bought some brush pens yesterday. (So much for scrimping, right?) I started reading again. I also have so much on my movies-and series-to-watch list which I haven’t watched half of.

Of course, the weekend dates and get together with the boyfriend. And I finally had a haircut.


I’m not really bored with living at home. There’s so much to do at home. I still have a mural to finish, mind you but I feel that I need to get up and go work again. Being at home feels a little stagnant and that’s not something you can cure easily like boredom.


Bullet Journal 2018

All I knew about bullet journaling before was that it’s artsy and creative, very pretty to look at. I also deduced from researching before that it demanded so much of one’s time. I wanted to try it but time was holding me back.

After working so much on my personalized planner in college, I decided that I was done with all these personalized artsy planners and journals. Especially then that most of my 8-5s were dedicated to work and weekends were meant for rest with the fam, and the occasional dates with the boyfriend.

Early in December last year, however, I chanced upon a post that mentioned bullet journals as a way to be organized. This made me start thinking about giving it a try. Especially now that I was leaving my job. (Surprise, surprise!) And so, a few days later, I started researching on how bullet journals were made. There are a lot of tutorials on the internet. Instagram and Pinterest are the best sites to look into. #BuJo Continue reading “Bullet Journal 2018”


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Alaminos, PangasinanĀ 

Last Saturday, Dec 23, the whole fam went to a trip to Hundred Islands.

We left Baguio at 4 in the morning and got there before 8AM.

Before getting to the islands you have to take a 25-minute trip from the mainland. Along the way, the person manning the boat would give us a tour of the islands and would also provide fun facts about it as well as what fun activities you can do on the islands. You could also go down from the boat and scour each of the island if you liked.Fotor_151426880599696.jpg Continue reading “Alaminos, PangasinanĀ “

New Ventures.

Early this month, I finally decided to make an Instagram account of my own. This was after some pondering over, asking for advise from my monster of a sister (who still would not let me follow her), and checking out alternatives, all of which were not very suitable (for me) as of this time.

So, on December 2, I made my Instagram account — 5 years late to the parade. And I just dumped almost a quarter of my camera roll onto my feed, which resulted to friends wondering when I had really made my account. Ha-ha. Sorry guys.

Currently, my feed’s on public so anyone can view. Follow me at joulesyyy.

My first take on the B&W film (which had expired overtime since I kept postponing the trip to PhotoTech thinking it would be too expensive (it wasn’t)).

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