Rediscovering old interests and hobbies.

New Ventures.

Early this month, I finally decided to make an Instagram account of my own. This was after some pondering over, asking for advise from my monster of a sister (who still would not let me follow her), and checking out alternatives, all of which were not very suitable (for me) as of this time.

So, on December 2, I made my Instagram account — 5 years late to the parade. And I just dumped almost a quarter of my camera roll onto my feed, which resulted to friends wondering when I had really made my account. Ha-ha. Sorry guys.

Currently, my feed’s on public so anyone can view. Follow me at joulesyyy.


My first take on the B&W film (which had expired overtime since I kept postponing the trip to PhotoTech thinking it would be too expensive (it wasn’t)).

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How are usual dates play out: Pigging out.

F.A.S.T. Lab Summer Outing 2017

Working in Manila

Snaps from when I started working.

One of the beautiful sunsets I see every morning from my window when I stayed at Kuya’s.
Coffee at the Starbucks Sct. Tuason cor. Eugenio Lopez Drive while working on Kat’s short film idea.
Timog Ave.
Buendia Food By The Court with Kitts and Tienne.



The only pictures of Siopao I have on film. 😞

Hi baby! I miss you soooo much. It would have been your first birthday at this time.

(NOTE: I had some more pics of him in another roll that unfortunately got exposed before I had it developed.)


My take on night photography, while in a moving vehicle!

Photos taken on the screening day of Seklusyon in Baguio, 2017.

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