n. To break out anew, or come into renewed activity,
as after a period of quiescence.
n. A new outbreak after a period of abatement or inactivity

This blog is titled recrudescence because it symbolizes a new chapter in my life, particularly the rebirth of my hobbies which have been on stand-by for a while (thank you college,  and you too thesis).

I first learned about blogging from the microblogging and social networking site Tumblr in 2010. That was the time that Facebook was beginning to be the #1 social networking site, in the Philippines, at least. I remember seeing trending photos on Facebook which had the watermarks and got curious. That, my kids, is how I unknowingly fell into a bottomless pit filled with memes, gifs, teen angst-filled posts and funny cat photos.

I still am in that bottomless pit as of this writing, laughing at Twitter screenshots, reblogging photos tagged #hipster and #indie, and sadly, liking all the cute cat photos, of which I'm not even fond of.

It was in April 2015 that I decided to abandon all my tumblelogs (numerous Tumblr blogs, as they were called) and make a new one. It was a hard thing to do as they were filled with hundreds of memories from high school and college– my numerous failed relationships, family vacations, my sadokay depressive moments, cloud pictures, the first sentence on page 45, old typographies, stories, my artworks, moments with friends and my peers, just everything. I decided to finally do it after nights of arguing with myself when I realized that the posts on the tumblelogs have become redundant and there was a feeling of being censored because of the traffic my personal blog has been experiencing. The ultimate reason for it was that it wasn’t fun anymore.

So I made a new Tumblr blog thinking of it as a beginning. I had also, at that time, the renewed zeal for writing stories, crafting and doing almost anything — even making another blog for my stories. Yes, I was planning to make another tumblelog. But after thinking it through, I changed my mind and that’s when I decided to make a WordPress account just for my stories.

The original plan back in September 2015 was to only write stories here which revolved around the crazy Inspiration Jar I made full of writing prompts. That idea got scrapped as my time was consumed by our undergrad thesis. I would have completely forgotten about this blog if it weren’t for the work on WordPress blog item on a to-do list on my desk tacked on my board. And so here we are, months later. I decided to just put everything here: my artworks, photos, written works and a few snippets of my life. It’s a blog anyway. However, I would still post on Tumblr, probably the same stuff, except for the stories.

Somehow, as the title suggests, I am not moving on from anything. I’m not trying to forget nor trying to ignore something or someone. I am, instead, moving forward. The past will always be there but I just decided not to walk with it anymore.