I woke up at around 9:30 yesterday, after resetting my alarm three times. I was supposed  to go to the bank but upon learning that the power was out, I just decided to stay home.

I don’t know if this was the reason for the power interruption, but men from Beneco went to the barangay yesterday removing tree branches near the power lines.

Instead of binge watching the series I had on my laptop, I just decided to work on the letters project I started. While grabbing my things, I added my old notebook to the pile. I opened my old notebook first and was surprised to see the old, forgotten drawings I had on it. Sadly, though, only 9 of around 20 survived.

In the afternoon, I was contemplating on how to color this one.


I was planning on watercolor, but since I’m still a noob in that area, I tested it out first and came up with this.


The first one is my sad attempt at water coloring, the second, I used pens, and the third was with the Faber-Castell watercolor pencils. I then asked the opinions of my sister and my best friend Laila to what was better for me to use. They both chose the last two. I’m still debating on the two but I’m leaning more on the pens cause they are easier.