Days before August 27, I asked my dad if we could go and visit my godmother’s beach house. He said we could, just as long as my brother and I woke up early. We actually did. I honestly woke up soooo early because of excitement (because I’m finally going to see the beach again!) Anyway, our departure from Baguio was a bit delayed so we got there around 11. Note that this was my first trip out of town this year so halfway through the ride, I was already groggy and sick.


Only after a few minutes on the beach, storm clouds rolled in. It was a great sight as it brought out the blue hue of the ocean. Then the rains and winds came and it got in the house which was unfortunate because I was wearing shorts and it was so cold. (By the way, after this trip, I got rashes and everyone kept saying it was because of the cold. Twenty-one years of living in Baguio and I develop an allergy to the cold. Damn.)


We waited for the rain to stop before we went to San Fernando to grab some lunch at Mang Inasal and then we headed home.