After touring the Crisologo Museum, I asked the guide, who was then asking me if I wanted to visit the tourist spots with a guide and a rented tricycle (for 500 pesos), where the famed Crisologo street was. He told me it was a few blocks away. I followed where he pointed me to but I still got lost trying to photograph everything (hihi).

Finally, on the third block, I finally found the famed street!


I walked the whole street, and I was kind of disappointed to see that it just really was a street. The only different thing was its cobblestones, architecture, and lack of automobiles. The street was lined with modern-day stores and gift shops. (Sorry, I wanted to feel like I literally went back in time while walking but I didn’t. Something was lacking.) Maybe if I went later in the afternoon as the manong kalesa drivers suggested, the experience would have been better. Anyway, after walking the whole stretch, I rested in a milk tea shop (because why not) and tried to draw.