After thinking things through, and asking my dad for an extension, I decided to visit Baluarte.


Hurr thurr


Most of the animals that were out that one could see were the birds: ducks, parrots, an ostrich, turkeys, pheasants, and peacocks. I did see some kangaroos, zebras and does (I think). There were also those that were on the field resting and the lions by the gate.

I followed the road which went uphill and it was a looooong walk, especially with the heat. Eventually, it ended before the Safari Gallery but before going inside, I marveled at the  view of the sea. (Nahanap ko na rin yung dagat.) It made the hike worthwhile! *Sigh*


Inside the Gallery were life-like animals. I am not sure if they were all taxidermied but there were photos of Chavit Singson hunting down these animals. As a Biology graduate and a supporter of the campaign against hunting and poaching (especially of endangered animals), I felt sad for seeing this.


After the gallery, I rested under the large tree outside then walked back down. Then I hailed a tricycle to take me to the terminal. By the way, entrance to Baluarte is free.


Yes, hello friends, I rode a motorcycle while on this trip (TWICE!). But I’m still scared out of my wits and would rather ride a jeepney.