I woke up to Daph entering my room to call me for our planned “exercise” that day. We had breakfast first then we headed to Scout Hill where she forced me to get down the slide (only because I was wearing shorts that day). Then we sat on the swings as we waited for her special-friend-slash-suitor, CK. He came in a cab because he couldn’t drive since he got injured playing basketball the past night. We just lounged around the playground for a few minutes when a lost dog wandered near us. CK eagerly went to it, even with his foot but Daph and I were scared shit because we thought that it might be rabid. After carefully maneuvering our way around the dog, we got into Daph’s car and went to The Camp to get cigarettes. After getting them, we went back to John Hay, to the old Starbucks at Igorot Lodge (we call it simply ‘old’) and parked there. The two smoked a few sticks while I edited some pictures. After a while, CK slept at the backseat while Daph and I chatted at the back (basically, her car’s trunk). We talked about our relationships (both past and present), friendships, our families and we recalled memories from when we were younger. After eating some waffles from Starbucks, Daphne had this crazy idea to teach me how to drive. So we went to Outlook Drive to practice my steering skills. Daphne’s car is an automatic. I was nervous the whole time and I did not know how to put the car in the middle of the lane. Half the time I “drove”, CK’s or Daph’s hand was on the wheel with mine. From Outlook Drive, we went down to Tuding, and when they got tired yelling at me, they replaced me in the driver’s seat and we headed to The Camp to eat lunch at Sala. While eating, we played Jengga. Kevin, CK’s best friend was there with us. After lunch, we went back to John Hay since we couldn’t go to town because it was a Thursday. We went to Commissary at CK’s aunt’s store and passed the time watching TV or reading Why We Broke Up. Past 4PM, my own special-someone-slash-suitor texted me that he was on his way to the house so I told Daph, and  they accompanied me home.