I lay there, ruffling through the curtains, trying to sleep. I notice, from the little space provided from the parting of my curtain, a bright light illuminating the clouds that have beautifully enveloped the night sky. I pull the curtain away and see the light in its full glory. I lay there, silently staring, thinking, the moon must be mocking me because I cannot sleep. I continue staring at it. I marvel how the clouds immediately surrounding it has turned dark, dark, darker, almost black. How could that be? Is this an effect of the moon’s bright shine? An illusion brought about by light? Or is it just really the spaces of the night sky where the clouds converge. A car passes, its yellow lights shining the shadows in my room. Radiohead plays in my ears. I close my eyes and I try to sleep. The song changes. I open my eyes and look up. The moon is still there, shining brightly and still surrounded with those perfectly sculpted clouds. And it’s still mocking me.