Happy birthday ma!


I’ve been wanting to post this even before your birthday for a ‘thank-you-for-being-my-mom-post’ but I couldn’t find the perfect time. so I’m just posting this for your birthday. I collected this old pictures of you because of how beautiful you looked with that big smile on your face. You used to love getting photographed. Now, you still do, but not so enthusiastically. Gosh, ma, I miss your smile so much. Now, I’m sorry, but you always looked kind of sad. You and pa would joke around at dinner time but it’s not the same. You have wrinkles on your forehead and in the corner of your eyes from all the stress. You look so thin right now that we’re worried you might be ill with a serious ailment. We miss you mom, we miss the old you but we’re sorry for bringing you all those stretch-marks (?) on your face. Ha-ha! And I especially miss your smile.

Thank you for everything, for caring for me, for pushing me to just get a job in Baguio, for cooking me my favorite meals and my meals whenever I go to work, for always joking with me and asking me when my boyfriend and I will get married already, for the love you have always showed me through all these years. I know I’ve hurt you so many times before. I’m sorry. I know better now ma. I wish I can help you ma. I wish I can bring that smile back on your face so everyone can see. I wish you live long enough to see my kids and I hope they get to see that beautiful smile on your face too. I love you ma. Happy 48th birthday!