Last Saturday, Dec 23, the whole fam went to a trip to Hundred Islands.

We left Baguio at 4 in the morning and got there before 8AM.

Before getting to the islands you have to take a 25-minute trip from the mainland. Along the way, the person manning the boat would give us a tour of the islands and would also provide fun facts about it as well as what fun activities you can do on the islands. You could also go down from the boat and scour each of the island if you liked.Fotor_151426880599696.jpg

The first island we went to was Governor’s Island which is one of the biggest among the islands. It also has a view deck where you can see the whole of the Hundred Islands. The view deck is reachable by climbing up a 123 steps. The climb is a nightmare but the view at the top is astonishing.DSC_3785.JPGFotor_151427414309958.jpg


After the Governor’s Island, we also saw some more of the other islands but we decided to stay on the boat as we got tired from the climb and were already hungry at that time. So we headed to Quezon Island to prepare lunch and lounge about.





We were planning to go helmet diving but decided to just take a quick dip in the cold water. There are other activities around though. There  are ziplines all around the islands, cliff diving, jet skiing, snorkeling, riding the banana boat. There’s a complete list in the Pangasinan website. The rates are also included. Check ’em out.

At 1PM, we packed our stuff and again went touring among the islands we didn’t get to see earlier. We decided to leave early so that we could get home early and so that we won’t get caught up in the rush of fellow tourists trying to get home.
We are hoping that this is going to be the start of a family tradition.