It has since been fourteen days since I left my job in Pampanga. Fourteen days of scrimping the money I have left because basically I’m unemployed (and trying to live of off my parents, once again. Ba-dum, tss.)

For most of these fourteen days, however, I kept myself busy.

I have cleaned my room — completely. And got rid of 10+ years of junk.

I am learning how to bake.


I even dared climb a mountain (in my unfit state, thankfully I survived)!



I continued most of my hobbies which I have rather forgotten when I was employed. I even bought some brush pens yesterday. (So much for scrimping, right?) I started reading again. I also have so much on my movies-and series-to-watch list which I haven’t watched half of.

Of course, the weekend dates and get together with the boyfriend. And I finally had a haircut.


I’m not really bored with living at home. There’s so much to do at home. I still have a mural to finish, mind you but I feel that I need to get up and go work again. Being at home feels a little stagnant and that’s not something you can cure easily like boredom.