I have had this dilemma for months. I have been posting more actively on Instagram and slightly neglecting my blogs, especially this one.

Since Instagram has an option to post to Tumblr, I really have no trouble about Tumblr blog. However, Insta does not have that option for WordPress so I had to manually post pictures here, or had to experiment with plugins and other apps which do not seem to work for my liking. Inevitably, I had to abandon all those apps and plugins and this morning, an idea struck me. I’ve done it before in an earlier post: collate all pictures and recall the events of the last 2 weeks or month. But now, I want it to be more uniform and themed. So I came up with this tiled pictures per post. I think I also made this on Tumblr once.

Anyway, here’s the first of these posts!

The little girl in the first picture is Chumay. She’s four years old and she keeps me company most of the time since I’m always alone at home nowadays. Then there’s my bullet journal which I adore so much! It is kind of a lot of work and it takes much of my time just designing the spreads but it’s just so relaxing and I forget every thing, every stress and every problem I have when I’m working on it or just journaling my day. I also stumbled upon this Little Habits to Do More Of which I placed in the journal. Then another thing I absolutely love — my new drapes! I absolutely love the lines and the color and how the two just blend together, and they also complement my dream catcher! By the way, those are two separate curtains I just sewed together. Of course I still bake when I’m in the mood. I also try to cook sometimes but most of what I cook are fried. Other pictures are just those that I just had to photograph for their ~aesthetic~. Don’t judge!