That’s the last time I’ll see her too.

I never knew her personally. I just heard about her from friends who she was friends with. We had a lot of mutual friends but I never did meet her.

She was undeniably beautiful and smart. From what I heard, She was full of life and she loved telling stories. She was very kind and she never hesitated to help someone in need. She was courageous and tended to speak her mind. She was a great dancer. She loved sweets. She loved her family and friends, and she was loved much in return. You would see this from all the people that attended her wake. I assume she was the type of person who was very friendly, friends with everybody.

Everybody says it’s unfortunate, considering the circumstances. She had just graduated. She had just passed her board exams. Gone too young. Gone too soon. But then, every death is unfortunate. Did you ever know anyone or see anyone happy as hell, knowing someone had just died? No. Every death is unfortunate, and it will always be accompanied with sadness, grief, and regrets. Although it does not necessarily mean that we should wallow in the pain of the loss. I feel like that would not do the dead justice, especially with Shillany, because as I saw it, she lived her life fully. She lived with love.

She was 22.


Photo by Sammie Vasquez on Unsplash