We welcome May with a new spread on our bullet journal!


It’s the first month I’ll be doing on the dotted brown pages on my journal! I’m so excited because I planned to just use the page, and my artsy talent in designing my future spreads. No other paper or tape (except for the washi I use to bookmark pages) to adorn the pages.


Although I did have a little mishap with my mood tracker so I had to have a piece of brown paper fix it. And I hope this is the only time I’ll have to do it.

I figured that I prefer the brown and gray tones on my journal so I had to cover the one I did before.


I also added some more daily habits and weekly habits. The monthly habits, I decided to put under my monthly tasks.




I also numbered the days on my tracker so I wouldn’t get confused in the long run. And it’s not in the pictures, but I added a ‘blog/to blog’ tracker on my weekly habits.

Just last week, I really felt that I’m getting the hang of bullet journals. It’s not just a cutesy planner, which I have been doing for most of my first months on the journal. Last week, I practiced writing my thoughts and what I did that day under my daily logs. I realized it was a prettier picture to look at than just endless bullets of things to do or empty boxes where I had nothing to do listed on there. And it also helped me get back to days and remember easily what I was doing then.