The past week felt so looooong, and today, I finally finished one of my short stories! It didn’t go as how I thought it up years ago. While writing this piece, I also looked back on the others and seriously considered abandoning most of them because most of them were ideas I had ages ago, and now, I have different perspectives [and a different love interest]. It all just feels so shallow and childish. I’m still thinking about it though, but what’s for sure is that I’ll be publishing new stories weekly! (Hopeful I can really accomplish this!)

The new story will be published tomorrow on this blog.


So the past week has put so much on my emotions and most days I had to step back and reevaluate what was happening and why was I feeling so much about petty things. I talk to myself (good thoughts mind you) to calm myself down, but doubt just really has a way of creeping on you and everything you built just shatters down.

It was a long weekend so I managed to finish and sketch some letterings. Oh, and I baked the last of my cookie mix into assorted cookies.

Some photos taken from my IG stories. 🙂