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Labor Day Weekend

Last weekend was a long weekend so my sister decided to come home. My brother was already scheduled to go home for the weekend. Since we all had nothing to do on Monday, 30 April, we planned to go to the beach for the day. My dad and brother left earlier to go to the office and to the venue for their beach football, respectively.  We followed a few hours later and we got to La Union at around 9 AM. Continue reading “Labor Day Weekend”


Bauang, La Union

Days before August 27, I asked my dad if we could go and visit my godmother’s beach house. He said we could, just as long as my brother and I woke up early. We actually did. I honestly woke up soooo early because of excitement (because I’m finally going to see the beach again!) Anyway, our departure from Baguio was a bit delayed so we got there around 11. Note that this was my first trip out of town this year so halfway through the ride, I was already groggy and sick.


Continue reading “Bauang, La Union”


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