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Bye for now, love.

This is it.

It’s my first sunrise in a new, foreign place. I didn’t know it would be this hard to be away from all the people and the places you loved. It’s still different to be actually HOME. It’s funny though, because this is all I’ve ever wanted. To be where I haven’t been before, doing the things I love. 

Maybe this is me still adjusting. Maybe this is just the start. Maybe tomorrow will be different. Maybe today will be different. 


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Vigan, Ilocos Sur (Pt.3)

After thinking things through, and asking my dad for an extension, I decided to visit Baluarte.


Hurr thurr


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Bauang, La Union

Days before August 27, I asked my dad if we could go and visit my godmother’s beach house. He said we could, just as long as my brother and I woke up early. We actually did. I honestly woke up soooo early because of excitement (because I’m finally going to see the beach again!) Anyway, our departure from Baguio was a bit delayed so we got there around 11. Note that this was my first trip out of town this year so halfway through the ride, I was already groggy and sick.


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Good morning!

Taro milk tea and Korean version of Golden Compass at Under the Tree with Laila. 😍

Because of a mishap following a misread and misunderstood message, I had 3 hours to spend around town this afternoon. Following the announcement of the release of Abbey Sy’s new book The ABCs of Journaling yesterday, I thought about visiting the two bookstores along Abanao to see if they had it. Unfortunately, I was too early. I recently checked her site and it turns out the book launching is not until the 10th. Anyway, while browsing for art supplies, I chanced upon this cutie. Earlier, while having my phone charged, I vowed not to buy another journal and instead just make one. But it was similar to an old notebook I had. So I just bought it, and now I have another journal to fill! Yay!

Second star to the right, and straight on ’til morning!

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