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My first take on the B&W film (which had expired overtime since I kept postponing the trip to PhotoTech thinking it would be too expensive (it wasn’t)).

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The only pictures of Siopao I have on film. 😞

Hi baby! I miss you soooo much. It would have been your first birthday at this time.

(NOTE: I had some more pics of him in another roll that unfortunately got exposed before I had it developed.)


Beautiful ladies 😍

Bagyo days.

The time JC went home to the PI!

This little baby girl just turned 3 last September! Now she’s super makulit and a maldita at that. She also has this tendency to cry her heart out when she doesn’t get what she wants or she gets scared of her aunt (he-he) or lola Weng.

The usual view from the KA10s.

The best-est. ❤

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