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The past week felt so looooong, and today, I finally finished one of my short stories! It didn’t go as how I thought it up years ago. While writing this piece, I also looked back on the others and seriously considered abandoning most of them because most of them were ideas I had ages ago, and now, I have different perspectives [and a different love interest]. It all just feels so shallow and childish. I’m still thinking about it though, but what’s for sure is that I’ll be publishing new stories weekly! (Hopeful I can really accomplish this!)

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Labor Day Weekend

Last weekend was a long weekend so my sister decided to come home. My brother was already scheduled to go home for the weekend. Since we all had nothing to do on Monday, 30 April, we planned to go to the beach for the day. My dad and brother left earlier to go to the office and to the venue for their beach football, respectively.  We followed a few hours later and we got to La Union at around 9 AM. Continue reading “Labor Day Weekend”


We tried to do a throwback pic. We tried.

Hello May!

We welcome May with a new spread on our bullet journal!


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My loves!

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I have had this dilemma for months. I have been posting more actively on Instagram and slightly neglecting my blogs, especially this one. Continue reading


It has since been fourteen days since I left my job in Pampanga. Fourteen days of scrimping the money I have left because basically I’m unemployed (and trying to live of off my parents, once again. Ba-dum, tss.)

For most of these fourteen days, however, I kept myself busy.

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F.A.S.T. Lab Summer Outing 2017

Working in Manila

Snaps from when I started working.

One of the beautiful sunsets I see every morning from my window when I stayed at Kuya’s.
Coffee at the Starbucks Sct. Tuason cor. Eugenio Lopez Drive while working on Kat’s short film idea.
Timog Ave.
Buendia Food By The Court with Kitts and Tienne.




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